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Christ’s University in Pacific is the tertiary division of Tokaikolo Education System. The word “Tokaikolo” is a Tongan word meaning, “The Lord is in your midst” (Zephaniah 3:15). How Tokaikolo Education System was established: Tokaikolo Education System had its beginnings back in 1979. At that time, the present director of the system and president of the Tokaikolo Christian Church, Rev. Dr Liufau V. Saulala, together with the late Rev. Senituli ‘o e Lotu Koloi (founder of the Church) had a vision to establish a school. This school would be Christ-centred, teaching all aspects of the curriculum from a Christian perspective. While visiting the United States in 1979-1980, the two ministers discovered that there were Christian schools there which were already doing just what they had envisioned. After contacting some Christian schools there who were members of the International Association of Christian Schools (ACSI), the two ministers returned to Tonga and co-founded the first school of the Tokaikolo Education System in February 1980. It was named Lavengamālie College (a.k.a. Lavengamālie Christian Academy).

The Name Lavengamālie:The name of the first school in the system refers to the opportunity we are each given because our sin burden has already been laid on the Lord Jesus Christ. (Isaiah 53:6).  Jesus is the source of our opportunity and we gain the benefits of a renewed spirit and eternal life because of His finished work on the cross. Therefore everything in this life and the next is blessed by the life of Jesus Christ. In Tongan, this is expressed in the word “Lavengamālie. It was on this foundation, and from this parent school, that the present Tokaikolo Education System began.

Expansion:In the 27 years between 1980-2006 the school system has grown steadily. In 2006 there are nine kindergartens, three primary schools, two secondary schools and two tertiary institutions (See the chart Learning Centers in Tokaikolo Education System p.13). The decision to begin by establishing kindergartens and later building up to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions was made on the understanding that it is very important to introduce children to the Saviour and to Christ-centred education when they are young so that a strong foundation would be laid for their future learning.

Christ’s University in Pacific Begins 

In August of 2003, Tokaikolo Christian Church in Palo Alto registered the new tertiary division of the Tokaikolo Education System. It was named Lavengamalie Christian Academy (USA). Over 300 people attended the opening ceremony. The founder was Rev. Dr Liufau V. Saulala. The mission of the university is to provide a tertiary education program with a Christian world-view which will equip students for future Christian service. Any person of any ethnic background is welcome to attend.

The First Year, 2004

Courses available in the first year (2003-2004) included Security Training, Teacher Training and Biblical Studies. Classes were held in the evenings in the newly constructed buildings of Lavengamālie Christian Academy (USA) – previously known as Hepeloni Christian School.

The First Year (Tonga)

In February 2004  the University’s roll increased substantially with the opening of an extension in Tonga.  This was established in the grounds of Lavengamālie College. A wider range of courses became available and additional faculty members were employed. A total of sixteen students were enrolled in the two centres in their first years- ten in Tonga and six in the USA. An Associate Degree in Humanities was offered at both campus’s - providing an academic programme in general education without a major concentration. This programme covered a variety of studies in the arts and sciences preparing the student for his/her later area of specialization.

The Second Year, 2005

In 2005, work continued with establishing the curriculum and administration of these two new tertiary institutions. The initial plan was to offer the Associate of Arts degree only and to have 5 main subject divisions or faculties. These were Biblical StudiesGeneral EducationMathematics & SciencesBusiness & Marketing and Nursing. Our first students graduated with Associate Degrees in 2005 and are presently continuing their studies at Pensacola Christian College.

The Third Year, 2006

The total number of freshmen in 2006 was 29.  Of the 15 sophomores, 9 graduated with Associates of Arts Diplomas in November 2006.  The Guest Speaker for the occasion was Dr. Viliami Fukofuka. Three new courses were introduced during this year:

PH 101

 Introduction to Philosophy

Dr. Viliami Fukofuka

Semester 1

CS 202  

Introduction to Programming

Mr. Paula Latapu

Semester 2

THE 206


Dr. Steve Kumar 

Semester 2

The Fourth Year, 2007

In 2007 the number of freshman was 25 and the number of sophomores was  also 25. Of the 25 sophomores, 19 graduated with Associate of Arts  Diplomas in November. The Guest Speaker at the graduation was the Secretary of the Tokaikolo Church, Rev. Sione Havili Maile. While waiting for their papers to be processed for further studies in the USA, these 19 graduates assisted in teaching at our various elementary schools and educational offices here in Tongatapu, as well as in Vava’u and Ha’apai.

The Fifth Year, 2008

The University opened in February with an enrollment of 50 students. The total number of freshman was 22. Eleven sophomores graduated on the 20th November 2008. Rev. Dr Saulala, President of Tokaikolo Christian Church and founder of Lavengamalie University, was the guest speaker at this year’s graduation ceremony.

YEAR 2009: Extension to the third year if a four year programme

With the establishment of the Associate program, the University moved forward to offering a full degree programme. This was in association with other Christian universities overseas. In 2009, our third year students (juniors) worked towards completing a fourth year, which would qualify them for a full degree (Bachelor) in 2010. The number of students graduating in 2009 were as follows:  Associate of Arts (2 year programme)- 14 ,Juniors (Year 3 of a 4 year programme completed) - 8 The guest Speaker at the 2009 graduation service was  Rev. T. Manatu Ma’umalanga

YEAR 2010: First Geraduates with Bachelor degrees from Lavengamalie Christian University

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our Tokaikolo Educational System. It will also be the first year that students will graduate with full 4-year Bachelor degrees. The University is also presently moving towards registration with Tonga’s newly formed Qualifications Authority (TNQAB).

Year 2011 to 2013

There was a need to improve and develop the organization to another level and change was slowly implemented. There was a lot of change in some areas in terms of redesigning the curriculum, redesigning the course that takes 4 years of study to 3 years, major courses, minor courses, general education courses, and qualification for each level etc…

This year 2014 is the 10th anniversary of the organization and the board of directors were decided to mark this special year by changing the name from Lavengamalie Christian University (LCU), to Christ’s University in Pacific (CUP). 

Christ’s University in Pacific has expanded its operation vertically and horizontally in terms of program offerings and qualification offerings. CUP has also marked the 10th anniversary by establishing post graduate level from level 8 to level 10.

The Future

Our undertaking is to continue provide a high quality Christ-centred tertiary education programme. We desire to lead our students to a firm commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word the Bible, with the hope that they would go out to serve Him in various areas of community life. This is the central focus of Christ’s University in Pacific. We are set on a course to becoming a truly Christian tertiary provider and are working with God’s help to make every aspect of our university – the curricula, sports, music, social activities and the student’s lives - reflect and follow our Guide and Master Jesus Christ. We look forward expectantly to what God will do in the years to follow.

When you are a student at Christ's University in Pacific you can expect to enjoy several advantages:

  • A Supportive Learning Environment: Our faculty appreciates the opportunity to develop personal relationships with students who desire to build on the spiritual foundation that our learning environment provides. Faculty members are committed to help each student grow as a whole person.

  • Small Class Sizes: Our average class size of 8 students or less encourages interaction between students and faculty as well as among students. You’ll enjoy a high degree of personal attention that may not be possible in larger school settings.

  • Highly Qualified Faculty: Our faculty members are trained professionals with expertise in their academic fields. Focused on serving the Lord and their teaching, many have made Christ's University in Pacific their home.

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