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This policy sets the framework for the development and implementation of research at CUP, within which suitably qualified academic staff carry out their required research obligations and in which graduate students can engage and be supported in their work.

The University would establish a research centre to raise the research profile of the university and to focus strengths in areas where there is (or the University wishes to develop) a concentration of research excellence.


Staff who have earned either a doctoral degree or after a  Master’s degree and 5 years of teaching experience at University level, and who are employed full-time by the University, are required to carry out research. This obligation does not apply  to staff on limited- term contracts (Adjunct Professors) and does not include staff whose obligations are limited to teaching or administration

Policy Content and Guidelines

Requirement to Undertake Research

  1. All academic staff as defined above have the right and are required to conduct research, and engage in scholarship, and to publish their findings.
  2. Staff engaged in research may apply for research funds in support of their research.
  3. There will be a Research Contract  signed by the staff member seeking financial assistance, in which the nature of the research will be explained and defining for that purposes funding is required. If this is approved by the Senate a grant will be offered and a  grant management arrangement will be made.

Research Planning

Each Faculty is required to develop and implement its own research plan.                         

These plans are to be drawn up by the Deans/Directors of each Faculty and to be approved by the Senate.

Evaluation and Monitoring of Performance

  1. A senior staff member will monitor each faculty’s performance against their research plans annually on the basis of agreed criteria and will advise the President on the outcome of this process.
  2. The research performance of individual staff is monitored and evaluated as part of the staff development planning process
  3. Staff are required to supply full and accurate details of their research outputs on an annual basis to their Deans who will supply the information to the Vice–President Academic (and later to the Research Officer)

Recruitment and Staff Development

  1. When new academic staff are recruited, their research record or potential must have a high priority
  2. Any plan for research must be reviewed annually in consultation with the Dean of the faculty in which the researcher is a staff member. The following matters need to be discussed:
        • Research objectives
        • Timetables and expected output
        • Any special agreements reached regarding the apportioning of the researchers teaching and/or administration duties.

Research Management

Faculties and Schools are required to establish research committees to support the research of their staff- and later, as the University grows, of post graduate students activities

Statutory and Ethics Obligations

All research projects conducted by staff and students that involve human subjects or animal subjects must secure the prior approval of the ethics committee

Publication and Intellectual Property

The expectation is that research funded by the University would be of benefit to the University, its staff and students. Should the research receive public funding it would need to be published in a publically available form. Restricted publication would be considered if there were privacy obligations entered into in respect of the research.

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