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Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Welcome to the School of Apologetics and Theology.

Welcome to Christ’s University in Pacific, (CUP), Faculty of Theology!  To prepare you for a successful and fulfilling career, we offer and coordinate all the requirements for study under-graduate and post-graduate program in Bible and Theology. We look forward to assisting you and providing many opportunities to enhance your future career. As a Theology student you are advised to use this handbook, along with other important information sources, for guidance in the under-graduate and post-graduate Theology program.  Official information sources include the under-graduate and post-graduate Handbook, Student Manual, Class Schedule, and department academic advisors.  Regularly meeting with an academic advisor is a good way to stay informed.

The purpose of the Bible major is for students to cherish and know God and His Word and to learn principles and methods for practical Christian living, building a knowledgeable foundation in the Scriptures.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the Bible major will be able to;

  • integrate all of Scripture to defend sound doctrine and to promote the Christian way of life,
  • evaluate current issues in light of biblical teaching,
  • develop a biblical philosophy of ministry, and
  • present biblical truth correctly and clearly.

The accomplishment of these objectives is produced through classroom instruction, experience in Christian service activities, and participation in the Campus Church and other local churches.

The School of Apologetics & Theology Handbook provides important general information regarding student progression specific to the Bachelor of Theology (BTh) and Master of Theology (MTh).

With respect and sincere gratitude,

Professor Steve Kumar PH.D, M.Div, D.A., Dip. Th.
Head of School

Head of School

HS SteveKumar

Professor Steve Kumar
Ph.D, M.DIV, B.A, Dip.Th.

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